Croatian Team wants to use the Kinect to help children with Cerebral Palsy


The Imagine Cup 2012 is an international technology competition for students. The goal of the competition is to have them create technology solutions that address a significant problem in the world. The event is sponsored by Microsoft and the winning team will be announced in Sydney, Australia this January. The judges for the competition recently narrowed the field of competitors by naming 15 finalists. Team Apptender a team from Croatia, is one of the finalist for this year’s Imagine Cup. As seen above in a picture taken from the Imagine Cup 2012 Flickr account, the team has crafted a physical therapy solution using the Microsoft Kinect and other Microsoft technologies. The “KiDnect” is a solution specifically designed to facilitate and track physical therapy exercises for children afflicted with Cerebral Palsy. It uses the Kinect to collect and track movement while the kids exercise and allows therapists to monitor whether or not the children are indeed doing the exercises correctly. The video below provides some additional details on how the “KiDnect” works.


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